Insights into Attendee Objectives and Vision

The Security and Policing

Event in Focus

The Home Office Security and Policing Event is a fantastic opportunity to connect with top professionals from around the world and understand their latest digital developments, challenges, and goals.

Following the event, we are excited to highlight the key topics that attendees were keen to engage with us on. These include leveraging data for added value, integrating systems for enhanced decision-making, and utilising biometrics to optimise operations.

Unlocking the full potential of data

Attendees were eager to explore ways to enhance the quality and precision of their data capture, leverage the growing volumes of data they handle, and improve project outcomes through advanced data practices. The role of AI in maximising data utilisation emerged as a recurring topic, indicating a shift towards more innovative data strategies.

Seamless integration for informed decision-making

Attendees stressed the desire to integrate data and systems to drive better results. There was a unanimous consensus on the benefits of data sharing across systems, highlighting how such integrations could significantly boost operational efficiencies and decision-making processes. These conversations pointed towards a shared goal of establishing more interconnected, efficient government systems through strategic data and technology integration.

Elevating operations with biometric technology

Biometrics for identification and verification generated significant interest among attendees. Discussions mainly revolved around exploring the potential applications of biometric technologies, with a notable focus on their use in border control settings. These discussions underscored a growing curiosity and recognition of how biometrics can enhance security measures and streamline operational processes.

Do any of these key points resonate with your current digital projects? Are these goals you’re working towards achieving in the future? If so, engaging with a seasoned organisation like Viable Data, with a proven track record of delivering outcomes like these could be the best decision you make this year.


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