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Intelligent Identity Verification

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Relying on human interpretation to verify an identity can be costly; as humans we have an inherent unconscious bias, we suffer from fatigue, and we are naturally prone to human error. When performing business critical functions such as security checks, personnel identification, or watch listing, verification of a person’s identity needs to be accurate and timely.

LearnID® is a fully customisable solution that improves the frequency, speed, and accuracy of biometric facial verification checks in both fixed locations and on the go through handheld devices and mobile applications, eliminating manual screening errors, speeding up the verification process and significantly reducing employee training, operating costs and customer inconvenience.

LearnID® can easily integrate with existing systems and provide efficient and accurate biometric and document verification against multiple data points in real-time. LearnID® can be integrated with any biometric algorithm allowing the solution to be adapted to meet any business scenario.

  • Gives users confidence in access decisions
  • Check against photos, ID’s and databases
  • Highlight potential risks to your employees
  • Customise design and features
  • Offline capability
  • Fully GDPR compliant